Volgatechís Polymicrobe is a broad spectrum antimicrobial master batch which is effective against a wide range of microbes, bacteria, yeast and fungi. Since it is incorporated directly into the plastic product and migrates very slowly to the surface of the plastic itís presence and efficiency is assured over the lifetime of the end use application.

Mode of Action : Mode of Action: The anti-microbial agent which is based on ionic silver which gets released slowly and in a regulated manner upon expose to moisture present on the surface of the product. The released silver ions interact with the microorganisms by first breaching their cell wall and subsequently causing disruption in their metabolic function and DNA replication functions which leads to their rapid demise.

Antimicrobial Key Facts

Silver is a broad-range antimicrobial agent that has been proven effective against most harmful microorganisms present in everyday life and environments, such as E.coli, Legionella sp, Pseudomonas sp, Salmonella sp, S. aureus, MRSA, and fungi Aspergillus niger among others.

Based in last generation , natural clay based NBM proprietary technology.

Antimicrobial Advantages

Higher efficiency than standard antimicrobial additives due to high dispersion. Less amount of active substance (silver ions) is required for same efficacy results. Durability is ensured through permanent modification or controlled release mechanisms.


Protection against various germs like bacteria, molds, etc.,

Reduced odour formation.

Articles prepared using this helps in controlling the spread of germs.

Improved hygiene.

Enhanced protection of plastics products.

Clean technology using no harmful biocides

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