Key Features


Protection against various germs like bacteria, molds, etc.,

Reduced odour formation.

Articles prepared using this helps in controlling the spread of germs.

Improved hygiene.

Enhanced protection of plastics products.

Clean technology using no harmful biocides

20 Years Warranty.


White, opaque with sunlight and it acts as a higher temperature insulation.

This layer is UV stabilized in white colour.

The anti oxidant coat in this layer will protect the tank from oxygen which normally degrade the plastic.

And this layer built by food grade material which ensure the safety.


The high quality carbon black used in this layer will prevent the water from sun rays entering into the water.

This layer enhances the life of the tank.

This layer is built up by HM-HDPE whose density is normally higher than any other polyethylene.


Broad-spectrum sterilization: can kill over 99% of colon bacteria, staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus albus and molds etc. rapidly.

Long-lasting effect:The antimicrobial validity is same with the finished goods.

Appearance: uniform size, good plastification, unanimous color, no obvious impurities.

Non-toxicity: Active ingredient has been tested by authorized departments such as SGS and Centers for Disease Control.

The Application range of the anti microbial master patch used in this layer are listed below which declare the safety of our water tank.

  Home Appliances: refrigerator, washing machine, rice cooker, television, camera, etc.

  Chemical building materials: plastic pipe, toilet facilities, tub, public accommodation, plastic floor etc.

  Electronic products: telephone, electrograph, phone, computer, mouse etc.

  Medical and health products: hospital facilities, medical instruments, one-off gloves, etc.

  Daily necessities: shaver, calculator, toy, stationery, furniture, bucket, cup, fresh-keeping box/ crisper, etc.

  Automotive industry: door handle, dash board, steering wheel and jockey box, etc.

  Package industry: drink bottle/ water tank, water bucket, and package film, etc.

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